Episode 1.02: Encroachment

Gametime: January 3rd, noon

We pick up a few days after the Ravager attack, and there have been small attacks on Redbriar. Merchants bring stories of other attacks from along the White River; these attackers include orcs, goblins, wolves, panthers, hyenas, gnolls, tigers, and rumors of a manticore and cyclops as well!

The party headed south from Redbriar, in search of a root cause of these continued attacks. The further south the party went, the more regularly small groups were encountered – goblins, gnolls, and undead. All seemed to be moving north (and east, somewhat). A group of goblins discussed heading away from their home to get away from “gray things” (likely zombies, based on some follow-up questions).

The party was caught off-guard by the death burst of skeletons, and had life complicated by the paralyzing touch of ghouls, though neither truly threatened the party.

Major NPCs encountered: Horik Lightwood, Dockmaster and captain of the guard

Rewards: In addition to items with cards handed out during the game, there were 5 potions of healing. Further, the party is now level 3.


Dan_M Dan_M

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