Episode 1.01: Welcome to Redbriar

The party aids in healing young Aebbe of her snake-bite, which involves retrieving wolf pepper from the Clekat Plains so that Thonya can prepare the appropriate poultice.

While celebrating their victory (and combating boredom) in the Forgotten Star Inn later on, they are interrupted by bells indicating that the town is under attack! The group rushes to the minimal defenses of Redbriar, where they help defeat an attack by the Ravager orcs. On searching the orcs, Vaegar finds a broken shard of crystal, a relic of a clan that is no longer present on the Plains.

Episode 1.02: Encroachment

Gametime: January 3rd, noon

We pick up a few days after the Ravager attack, and there have been small attacks on Redbriar. Merchants bring stories of other attacks from along the White River; these attackers include orcs, goblins, wolves, panthers, hyenas, gnolls, tigers, and rumors of a manticore and cyclops as well!

The party headed south from Redbriar, in search of a root cause of these continued attacks. The further south the party went, the more regularly small groups were encountered – goblins, gnolls, and undead. All seemed to be moving north (and east, somewhat). A group of goblins discussed heading away from their home to get away from “gray things” (likely zombies, based on some follow-up questions).

The party was caught off-guard by the death burst of skeletons, and had life complicated by the paralyzing touch of ghouls, though neither truly threatened the party.

Major NPCs encountered: Horik Lightwood, Dockmaster and captain of the guard

Rewards: In addition to items with cards handed out during the game, there were 5 potions of healing. Further, the party is now level 3.


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