Orc Clans

There are 7 major clans the inhabit the Clekat Plains.

The Ravagers are an aggressive clan, utilizing their large numbers to overwhelm opponents. They are led by Thonir the Heartless.

The Emerald Jackals, led by Berra Good Heart, are a calm tribe who seek diplomatic solutions to their problems, rather than resorting to the stereotypical aggression of the orcs.

The Black Slicers are brutal assassins, utilizing hit and run tactics when combat is necessitated, but preferring to eliminate threats before it comes to that. They are led by Inera Nightowl.

The Dead Eyes, more than any other clan of orcs, utilizes the power and wisdom of their druids to lead them to victory. They are led by Srella the Falcon.

The Ivory Vultures are the most suspicious of non-orcs, and are the least willing to accept anyone who isn’t of pure orc blood. They are led by Marulas the Grim.

The Crimson Blades may be a relatively small band, but they have the most significant combat training of any of the clans, and use that to defeat much larger groups. They are led into battle by Dareigr the Bull.

The Forsaken seek to keep orc culture pure, and see the separation of orc from others as being necessary to that end. They are led by Norryn the Young.

Orc Clans

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